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Christian Stories of God's Handiwork in Today's World

Stone Builder
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Rock in Sand


The Stone Altar

Before the biblical laws were written, an altar sometimes served as a memorial of God's work. It was built by piling rocks up, then sacrificing an animal (a valued possession) on the altar. This served to remind all who saw the altar of what God did in that place. Writing a record of these memories ensured others would know of what God did for generations to come.

This website is an altar which is being built using memorial stones (stories) that testify of God's glory and gracious works in today's world. As I write this page, I am reminded of what Jesus said in Luke 19:40. These stories serve as a reminder to us and our future generations. I hope that our children's children one day get to read these stories.

'Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord .' Psalms 102:18

On Salvation

The greatest of all His glorious and gracious acts that is still impacting everyone today is that He took your sins, and gave you His sinlessness through an eternally selfless act. To those who believe that He did this for them, He grants access to His life giving Spirit now, and into eternal paradise in the future. No story on this website will ever compare to it. Our stories are but a shadow compared to this act. Contact us if you want to know more.

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